“Pepto Bismol Is Generally Safe For Dogs… But It May Not Stop Your Dog’s Diarrhea And May Even Cause Side Effects Like Constipation”
RuniPoo Relief
PetAlive RuniPoo Relief:
A Better, Safer Remedy Than Pepto Bismol For Your Dog
  • Relieve dog diarrhea, runny, watery stools
  • Support optimal bowel functioning
  • Soothe stomach
  • Restore health of digestive tract

    “Should I Give My Dog Over-The-Counter Medicine?”

    Want the short answer?…. it’s “no!”

    If you’re considering giving your dog an over-the-counter medicine such as Kaopectate, Pepto Bismol, or Imodium, you need to be fully aware of the side effects and interactions with other drugs.

    Kaopectate may give your dog constipation and should not be given if your dog is allergic to aspirin. Kaopectate should also not be given to dogs currently taking aspirin, steroids, or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. On top of that, some dogs are actually allergic to Kaopectate.

    Pepto Bismol is another remedy used to treat diarrhea. Its possible side effects include turning your dog’s tongue black and his stool gray-black or greenish. It may also give your dog constipation.

    Many owners have been caught off guard by the side effects from these over-the-counter drugs. Owners give these drugs to their dogs hoping to get rid of their dog’s diarrhea… but instead, the drugs end up giving the dogs constipation on top of the diarrhea!

    Also, you must extremely careful with Kaopectate and Pepto Bismol if you have a cat. Both can be fatal to cats because they of the salicylates.

    Imodium is another drug you can give your dog… unless your dog is a Collie, Sheepdog, Shepherd, herding dog, or related breed. Imodium contains Ivermectin — a drug that was discovered to give adverse reactions in 30-50% of Collies and related breeds.

    Actually, “adverse reaction” is putting it lightly: Imodium will send the dog into a paralyzing, toxic shock that results in death 99% of the time. Beware that some vets may not even be aware of this recent discovery. Testing on other breeds continues.

    It’s too bad that these drugs don’t work on dogs the way they do on humans. But if you think about it, is it all that surprising since human drugs were specifically formulated to treat diarrhea in… well, humans! Not dogs!

    Why Most Dog Owners Choose Not To Give Their Dogs Over-The-Counter Medicine

    Before you treat your dog’s diarrhea with human medicine, you need to find out all the possible side effects, interactions with other drugs, breed-specific sensitivities, as well as all of your dog’s allergies. Without knowing this information, you could end up poisoning your dog.

    It is also important to stay on top of emerging reports about over-the-counter drugs and their adverse reactions when given to pets (it wasn’t until 2004 that veterinarians and researchers fully understood the Imodium toxic shock reaction).

    Unfortunately, this is a lot of work and you need to be prepared for possible side effects. The only scenario that I can sympathize with is if you’re currently in a financial situation where you simply can’t afford to treat your dog with proper pet medicine.

    If that’s the case, I urge you to do the research and pay very close attention to your dog as you use the human remedies I’ve listed above. Remember: once the medication is in your dog, it’s hard to get it out.

    Now, keep reading to learn about a dog diarrhea treatment specifically formulated for dogs and that will save you a lot of headaches and grief.

    The Better Way To Treat Your Dog’s Diarrhea

    If you visit a dog park and bring up this indelicate subject with fellow dog owners, you’ll undoubtedly meet one or two people who use a little product appropriately named “Runi-Poo Relief.”

    They’ll probably tell it’s a natural herbal remedy that stops diarrhea and gets their dogs back to health fast.

    But what if they go on to tell you that they swear by it and have been buying it online for years because it works like a charm every single time? You’ll probably want to find out why they think it’s such an amazing diarrhea remedy.


    Well, Runi-Poo Relief is just a natural herbal supplement. So why do so many dog owners trust it with their beloved dogs, instead of just using something Pepto Bismol? The reason is plain simple actually…

    …because it works.

    Have you noticed the recent major shift towards natural, herbal, homeopathic health solutions? People are using natural remedies to lose weight, combat stress, beat the flu, and cure even delicate conditions such as ailments during pregnancy.

    People are using them because they don’t want all the risks, side effects, and complications caused by prescription and over-the-counter medications such as Pepto Bismol.

    And because, natural remedies work really well.

    Many of these people are caring pet owners who demand only the best for their pets. They believe so strongly in natural remedies that they refuse to give their pets anything but 100% natural remedies. In fact, they think giving human medicine to dogs is like poisoning our best friends.

    They don’t take chances with prescription drugs nor do they gamble on the problem going away on it’s own.

    They love their pets so much that they’ve become extremely selective when choosing a product to treat their pet’s ailments.

    And when it comes to treating diarrhea, they choose Runi-Poo Relief.

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    “OK, Tell Me More About This Runi-Poo Relief…”

    Dog Diarrhea TreatmentRuni-Poo Relief is 100% safe, 100% natural, and will

    • Help your dog return to a solid stool
    • Soothe the stomach
    • Restore the health of the digestive tract

    It has no side effects, a high safety profile, and a high customer reorder rate. There’s no concern over allergies, interactions with other drugs, or adverse reactions. It provides the same natural herbs and plants that your dog would instinctively eat on it’s own for healthy digestion.

    Runi-Poo Relief is fast, easy, and comes in a convenient liquid form. Put your dog’s favorite food in his bowl, get a few drops of Runi-Poo Relief in there, and mix it around a little bit with a fork. Now watch as your dog eats normally since Runi-Poo Relief does not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. Within a few doses, you’ll be rejoicing at the sight of a solid stool!

    The Ultimate 5 Step Remedy To
    Stop Dog Diarrhea Using Runi-Poo Relief

    This is what you’ll be doing to help your dog’s diarrhea problem and get instant results.

    1. First, you’ll examine your dog’s physical condition for any serious symptoms (signs of pain when pooping, running a temperature, swollen abdomen or anal area, stool containing mucus, worms, blood). If you see any of these symptoms, you’ll give your vet a call.
    2. Next, you’ll put your dog on a 24 hour fast, providing him plenty of water all day long. You’ll make sure that his water bowl is full at all times so you don’t dehydrate him.
    3. Now, the most important step. Three times a day, you’ll mix a few drops of RuniPoo Relief into his water. This will stop the diarrhea.
    4. After the 24 hour fast, you will start your dog on a bland diet consisting of baby food or boiled hamburger with white rice. You will be rejoicing at the sight of solid stool at this point.
    5. You’ll continue the RuniPoo Relief treatment by mixing it in with his food for another couple of days, just to be sure everything’s back to normal.

    Runi-Poo Relief will get your dog’s bowel function back to normal and help your dog form firm stools again. Get started right now with Runi-Poo Relief.

    As you can tell, there is no mention of over-the-counter drugs such as Pepto Bismol and Imodium. The complications with these drugs are simply unnecessary for treating a dog with diarrhea.

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    What Are The Ingredients?

    RuniPoo Relief contains all the essential herbs and plant extracts to help your dog recover quickly.

    Plantago major (Plantain) is widely distributed throughout Asia and Europe. Plantain is a well known herbal remedy traditionally used to support the health of the digestive system and mucous membranes. The major constituents in plantain are mucilage, iridoid glycosides (particularly aucubin), and tannins.

    Alchemilla vulgaris (Lady’s Mantle) has been used since the Middle Ages to support healthy firm stools and maintain bowel functioning. Alchemilla also contains tannins, which support the natural production of secretions that form a soothing layer on the lining of the digestive tract.

    Podophyllum (6C) is a natural remedy often used when common abdominal rumbles and gurgles are present. This remedy tends to suit those animals of a ‘liverish’ temperament that may drink large quantities of cold water at one time as well as those who need digestive support in hot weather.

    Sulphur (6C) is found in every cell of the body. As a natural remedy, it supports digestive function.

    Arsen alb. (6C) is another well known natural remedy that helps to support both the digestive and the nervous system, making it an excellent choice for ‘highly strung’ pets.

    How Do I Use RuniPoo Relief?

    RuniPoo Relief comes in convenient liquid form, and the concentrated drops are easily disguised in your pet’s food or a favorite treat.


    Mix the drops in a favorite treat or a little water three to four times daily as needed.

    Small dogs: 2 – 3 drops.
    Medium dogs: 5 drops.
    Large dogs: 8 – 10 drops.

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    Get Started With RuniPoo Relief Today!

    I wonder what you’ll enjoy the most after you get your hands on Runi-Poo Relief

    • Not having to deal with the stress, pain, and worry anymore
    • Not having to constantly watch your dog when you’re at home, always afraid he’ll “go” any minute
    • Being able to walk your dog again without the fear and embarrassment of someone witnessing an unexpected diarrhea outburst
    • Coming home and not finding a smelly surprise waiting for you
    • Knowing that you’re doing everything you can to prevent your dog’s diarrhea from getting any worse (like causing dehydration)
    • Being prepared with a fast-acting solution for the next time your dog gets diarrhea
    • Getting rid of that constant, nagging worry that the diarrhea is a sign of some other problem or that it will in time cause problems

    What will it be like when you get your old dog back, the one you know and love?

    Someone once said that “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” Think about that for just a moment.

    Think of all the times your companion has rescued you with only a smile and wagging tail. They make us feel good after a breakup, a bad day at work, or just a bad hair day. They love us for simply who we are and what we are and whether we’re rich or famous or powerful doesn’t matter.

    Does it bother you to see your dog suffer with diarrhea and not know what you can do to help? Not any more. Get Runi-Poo Relief and you’ll do something in return for your dog’s unconditional love, limitless affection, and to-die-for loyalty. May you be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.


    “I’ve Watched My Dog Suffer Diarrhea Long Enough And I’m Ready To Do Something About It!”

    I’m done fussing and worrying about my dog’s diarrhea

    I want all the benefits of a natural remedy so my dog can quickly get back to being healthy again

    I love my dog and I’m willing to try this “magic-in-a-bottle” stuff to help my dog

    Now that you’ve finished reading this article, you need arm yourself with Runi-Poo Relief because now is the time to show your dog some love.

    PetAlive RuniPoo Relief has been very effective with a very high success rate. There is an extremely high reorder rate which indicates that customers are very satisified with it. Nonetheless, RuniPoo Relief comes with an unconditional one year guarantee. Try PetAlive RuniPoo Relief because it’s guaranteed to work.
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